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CX Trends 2024

Looking ahead with a trend-forecasting campaign that lays out the biggest trends within customer experience, and beyond into the wider tech industry.

Role: Creative Director
In-House: Zendesk

CX Trends is Zendesk’s annual trend and thought leadership campaign, one of the company’s biggest marketing drivers throughout the year. For 2024, the campaign focuses on the idea of intelligent CX, with emerging technology driving personalised experiences, next generation social commerce – and the privacy implications that come with customer data.

All comms push to a campaign landing page which drives download of the report, alongside events info, and additional content like podcasts and video. The site gives a snippet of the report content, with teasers for the 10 big topics across the campaign.

The ultimate expression of the editorial approach is within the longform hero report, designed to be both skimmable for those interested in one or two particular topics – and for the audience who will settle in for the long haul, taking in every word.

Building on Zendesk’s 2023 brand refresh, the campaign art direction leans into editorial design, with a suite of illustrations that would be right at home in the New Yorker or Monocle. The messaging approach that’s confident, optimistic, and excited for this year future as AI bring innovation across all stages of CX.

Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Beryl Baker
Art Direction: Tim Lampe
Narrative & Messaging: Raven Wadley-Wright
Production Design: Paige Carrington
Illustration: Sophia Foster-Dinimo
Video team: Victor Duran, Mary Vertulfo, Tori Cincotta,
Colin Thomas, Daniel Peterson, Kendrick Hammond, Monica Yap
Website Design & Build: One Darnley Road
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer