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CX Trends 2024 Illustration

A series of editorial illustrations to visualise the themes and topics across the latest edition of Zendesk’s forecasting report about the future of customer experience.

Role: Creative Director
In-House: Zendesk

CX Trends is Zendesk’s annual trend and thought leadership campaign, one of the company’s biggest marketing drivers throughout the year. We wanted to visualise the themes and topics from this year’s report, with dynamic illustrations that quickly translate a big idea, with lots of fun details and character interactions if you scratch beneath the surface.

The hero illustration for the campaign (above) features collection of mini-scenes, stacked within a building cross-section. Characters interact with those in other vignettes, handing items between floors as data passes across the scene. The illustration features a number of easter eggs that connect to the company and wider campaign.

The illustration series incorporates different levels of fidelity. The 10 trends within the campaign are grouped into three trend areas, visualised with detailed scenes to create intrigue and excitement. Then we created a simpler illustration for each individual trend, that would work both within the trend report, and across social and other awareness assets.

We created additional illustrations for different reports, visualising best practice guides, different industries, and different business sizes. The illustration set is rounded out with a series of versatile mini-spots.

Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Beryl Baker
Art Direction: Tim Lampe
Narrative & Messaging: Raven Wadley-Wright
Illustration: Sophia Foster-Dinimo
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer