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Group Therapy For Struggling AI

Four AIs come to Zendesk for support as they muddle through their job in an industry they weren’t designed for.

Role: Creative Director
In-House: Zendesk

Awards: Nominated for B2B Branded Entertainment at the Webby Awards

With the tech industry quickly pivoting focus to AI after the emergence of ChatGPT, suddenly the market flooded with AI products across all industries. We wanted to show why Zendesk AI is a superior offering within CX, with a product built specifically for customer experience.

We created a series of four anthropomorphised AI characters that played on the deficiencies of other AI solutions. An AI trained on the entire internet who can’t focus; a sassy prima donna who is extremely high maintainance; AI that thinks they’re above the job of customer service; and a well-meaning, if highly under-performing basic bot.

The series is framed through the mechanic of a documentary, interviewing each AI about their time as a customer service agent, then doubling back to an associated product benefit of Zendesk AI.

The campaign was released as a series of 60-second spots, one for each character, with shorter 30s, 15s and 6s cuts for targeted performance marketing.

Senior Creative Principal: Ethan Kanat
Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Beryl Baker
Sound Engineer: Daniel Peterson
Agency: Phantom
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer