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Launching CX Trends 2023

B2B meets ‘Hot Ones’ to announce the Zendesk CX Trends 2023 campaign with execs taking on a series of themed challenges while talking about the year ahead.

Role: Creative Director
In-House: Zendesk

To launch the 2023 edition of CX Trends, we created a social-first content series that would discussing the big topics in a fashion that would stand out in-feed.

The series of five videos – one for each trend – put Zendesk execs in unusual and unexpected situations, completing a series of challenges while they disussed CX topics.

The videos paired the AI trend with a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em tournament, personalisation with creating custom denim jackets, and sentiment with a Simon memory challenge.

A longer, master video was created for each trend, with unique, shorter pieces for purpose cut for reach social network to create specific content for each audience. The series reached over 4m views across all formats.

We created additional social-first content, included a blooper reel, to keep the campaign fresh and respond to appetite for more CX Trends content.

Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Producer: Kevin Tsukii
Concept by: Sam Bathe & Corey Gedrose
Written by: Sam Bathe & Kendrick Hammond
Sound Engineer: Daniel Peterson
Production: Brooklyn Bros.
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer