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Stories About Helpful People

A brand storytelling series about people that embody the core of Zendesk – being helpful.

Creative Lead

Helping is in our connective tissue – and it’s what brings the Zendesk community together – so we launched a project to share inspiring stories about people who heed the call to help in surprising ways.

The series tell these stories through short films and photo essays, including a veteran who teaches beekeeping as a form of treatment for PTSD, and a forestry group who give training and employment to formerly incarcerated people.

The website was inspired by magazine and editorial design, and I created a system of dynamic content blocks that can be pieced together to create each longform story.

Read more stories at:

Creative Direction: Erin Pinkley, Ethan Kanat
Creative Leads: Olivia Kingsley, Elyse Kanagaratnam, Sam Bathe
Brand Producer: Ariana Blair
Film Directed by: Erin Brethauer & Tim Hussin
Films Produced by: Malcolm Pullinger & Rachel Barth
A co-production by: Even/Odd & Zendesk

Sam Bathe, Art Director & Interactive Designer