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The Customer Is Always Human

A global brand campaign that re-positions Zendesk in the crowded customer service industry: how with every interaction, Zendesk puts humans first.

Role: Creative Director
In-House: Zendesk

‘The Customer Is Always Human’ is a global brand campaign that takes a fresh and emotive perspective on the crowded customer service industry. With competitors focused solely on product features, the campaign positions Zendesk’s bleeding-edge AI technology differently: how with every interaction, Zendesk puts the human experience first.

The campaign is anchored with a 60-second anthem spot, that tells the story of the message through three hero characters from around the world – with additional cutdowns for placement across streaming TV and other video platforms. They’re backed up by product-specific spots, told through different customer stories that focus on Zendesk AI features and benefits.

Creative Leads: Erin Pinkley, Ethan Kanat, Sam Bathe
Producer: Beryl Baker
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Directed by: Janssen Powers
Production Company: Farm League
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer