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The Kitchen

Creating a sophisticated yet humble identity for Zendesk’s executive briefing experience, located quite literally in a kitchen space in the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

Role: Senior Brand Designer
In-House: Zendesk

As the classic Ikea advert once riffed, it all happens in the kitchen at parties. The same can be briefing at Zendesk, building a custom briefing space in San Francisco with food central to the experience.

The Kitchen, with guests served a curation of Danish cuisine as part of the schedule, favourites from the country where the company was founded. I led a photoshoot that features ingredients from signature Danish dishes that guests can expect to see on the table, stacked in gravity-defying totems.

The collateral is playful and adventurous, with overlapping elements, macro-zoomed shapes, and drawing on the more earthy and tactile colours from the Zendesk brand palette.

We also shot a range of more classic imagery, inspired by luxury cookbook photography.

And of course, no photoshoot is complete without recreating your company logo in smørrebrød.

The physical space is a sumptuous yet understated design from the Zendesk Brand Experience team, perfect for collaborative conversation and a tebirkes pastry with your americano.

Creative Director: Raphael Güller
Senior Brand Designer: Sam Bathe
Copywriting: Olivia Kingsley
Producer: Anna Cirera
Experience Design: Giuseppe Cariello
Photography: Marta Dymek

Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer