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Zendesk Demo Videos

Art directing a new series of demo videos for Zendesk’s refreshed suite of products.

Art Director

Keeping pace with an ever-evolving product line creates a challenge to keep demo videos up to date. Needing to refresh the full series, we took the opportunity to update the art direction across the full line of demos.

Alongside simple, bold typography, we implemented a system of colour packs, creating mini-palettes inside Zendesk’s broader identity that added personality and energy without being too complex.

Product is displayed on a sliding scale between medium-abstracted screens to help explore use-cases within each demo video, and detailed product deep dives that focus on particular product features.

The demo videos cover everything from the basics, Zendesk’s service and sales suites and product features like analytics and integrations.

Creative Directors: Kevin Cline, Elyse Kanagaratnam
Creative Lead: Sam Bathe
Brand Producer: Ariana Blair
Brand Design: Eve Spears, Kimberly Mar
Copywriting: Kendrick Hammond, Julia Oller
Animation: Tori Cincotta, Colin Thomas
Sound Engineer: Daniel Peterson
Sam Bathe, Creative Director & Interactive Designer